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A Precise and Powerful Approach to Change Lives

Encompass Life announces the Quantum Leap Technique (QLT), a unique system of assessment, action, and accountability that’s built for today’s ever-changing world. It will empower you to upgrade your life and the life of others. 

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The Quantum Leap Technique (QLT) is a quick, reliable way to radically transform lives, awaken people to their co-creative powers, and set them on the path of consciously manifesting whatever they desire: love, joy, ease, abundance with whomever and whatever they choose. In  simple and fun way, we bridge the physical and non-physical worlds enabling people to jump way above and over whatever obstacles they face or alchemize them into the most precious commodity.

Most conversation-centered methods – coaching, counseling, and therapy – utilize the tools of the mind to bring people to new awarenesses and to guide them on a new path. It heavily leans on the education and experience of the coach or therapist and relies on the two staying in communication to resolve issues as they arise.

The QLT is an approach that taps into the guiding power of the emotional world, the endocrine system, and the subconscious codes of the eyes, body, and speech. We can quickly pinpoint the root of the root of issues, often hidden and far from view, which originated in this life as well as ones from your lineage, and empower you to make a shift in the very same conversation. 

We put a pause on the stories. There’s no long getting to know you routines. We see what’s up, point it out, get right into the fire of transformation with you, and stay with you until the job is done. We stand without judgment and in love with whatever comes up, and stay until full transformation is achieved. For us, it’s an endeavor to get “greatest weakness to greatest strength.” Healing is only halfway. 

Furthermore, whether you are doing a private session with us our one of our group healing or training courses, we give the tools away. We train you to read your body and use these tools to be your own therapist. We are into big, global change and have little time for drawn out, co-dependent relationships. We are here to empower people that empower those around them: moms, dads, guides, coaches, healers, counselors, trainers, managers, executives, and more.



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“I completed QLT Core Training in April 2022 and enrolled in the successive three month class due to the tools, awarenesses and upgrades I got so far. Mark precisely assessed my goals, desires and upgrade opportunities and held me accountable for them throughout the class. It was the most challenging and rewarding training I’ve ever experienced and I see the benefits to me personally and professionally to continue my coaching and leadership training with him.

Mark holds himself and his coaching team to high standards of excellence. His commitment to his client’s success is paramount. His commitment to his growth and his team’s is modeled and shared in every class. He celebrates everyone’s efforts and upgrades and relishes learning something new from participants and his team. If you’re ready to upgrade any and all areas of your life – leading, coaching, business or personal, I highly recommend working with Encompass.”


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