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Professional Partnerships

Global transformation is a team game, and we’d like to collaborate with you. We often do projects with current and former students as well as co-sponsor events, do co-marketing, and set up custom workshops where we co-facilitate with experts in complimentary spaces. For us, it’s about aligned values, missions, and outcomes! Keen to do something together?

Personal Practice & Community Connections

For those that desire day to day contact, we have an internal network for our members. Each of our courses is an intimate live experience that is supported by an online gathering space for getting to meet one another, sharing information, and joining together for practice and assignments. Join the Community!


We are just getting going on a Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/encompasslifemastermanifestors .

Please add your manifesting power here. All are welcome. If you prefer to get to meet us in small bits and pieces, give a go to our newsletter. We package up our writings and recordings and send them to your email inbox. Sign up for our newsletter.

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