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Could you use some more love in your partnership and family relationships? Would you like to move on some nagging, heavy feelings and bring much more joy radiate from your heart? Tired of waiting on the other side to get it together? Guess what? You have much more power to shift these circumstances than you imagine!

We guide those at any age of life, and any place in their relationship journey, in the art of growing the garden of love or your dreams. You can catalyze big shifts in your partnerships all on your own as well as call forth the perfect next relationship for you. What do you desire in partnership?

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Restoring love with mom and her beloved

Relationship webinars

Get a greater understanding of ways to shift challenging circumstances that you are experiencing in your relationships as well as to bring forth the desirable ones that are missing.

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Interactive Workshops

In these small group workshops, you’ll get the chance to both tap into your next level of love and address whatever obstacles that arise on your path. Come alone or with your significant other, and prepare to play. These two-hour workshops are participation based.

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Working on your love game, in our quantum way, will open up joy, healing, and connection in all your relationships across the board! What we shift in one situation carries over to everywhere. Hear about one woman’s experience here. 

"To get the partner with the traits you desire you must embody those traits first."

Michael Matucci


Our Basics of Quantum Living class (The Basics) is a terrific platform upon which to grow and prepare yourself for the partnerships, friendships, and relationships of all kinds that you deserve. When you start to understand the fundamentals of Life, Love, and Truth that we share in this class, you will get aha after aha that you can directly apply in your personal as well as professional life.

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