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In our culture illnesses and injuries are viewed with a negative lens and talked about as something that must go in order for us to live a comfortable and harmonious life. People spend billions of dollars trying to get rid of conditions that are actually the body’s way of indicating that it’s time to pause and reflect on something much more important. Those very issues, when loved and translated, can be the pathway to a more comfortable and harmonious life than most imagine possible. 

We can read those body signs, exhibiting themselves in pains, bumps, bruises, spains, coughs, tightness, fatigue, obesity, odd colors and textures, and much more. Plus, more than simply getting rid of them faster, you can tap into the deeper messages they contain and upgrade all areas of your life. Your body is talking, and the bigger and more aggravating the condition the bigger the message. 

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Our Basics of Quantum Living course is an effective introduction to the quantum world and a solid step forward in your life journey. Come alone or bring your significant other and make it a joint experience – it is open to all. We offer both an eight-hour recorded version as well as the 17 hour, full live group experience, which offers live coaching, close contact with teachers as well as a separate one on one QLT session. 

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We host live presentations and interactive workshops each week where we cover big subjects that touch everyday life and empower attendees to start making shifts to wake up the power within them. Membership options start at just $44 a month. 

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We have an online university to equip counselors, therapists, mental health experts and more in the art of establishing the roots of cravings and additions and then assisting those for whom you care to make shifts into graceful, vibrant, and healthy lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our approach is a novel way to address mental conditions and one that also unveils massive life upgrades for those that you treat. 

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