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Are your kids pissed off, ornery, apathetic, or critical despite your best efforts to help them? What’s going on here? Even though most of our moms and dads tried their best, they have left gaps in our ability to raise great, happy kids. Society, culture, and education gives us pretty much nothing to go on. That your kids have been behaving in these ways is typical.

We offer atypical methods and a grander understanding that have radically changed many families and partnerships over the years. You can leave your kids be for a minute, because this work is all about you. As you enhance yourself they will follow suit without you having to say a word. Join us for customized one on one sessions as well as our group work to start stepping into your greatness as a mom, dad, and guardian.

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Our Basics of Quantum Living course is a poignant step forward in your journey. Come alone, bring your partner, and even bring along your kid (ages 13 and up) to make it a family experience. Four weeks of small group, interactive calls, with home assignments in between, as well as a one on one QLT make this intro offer a super kick off to your next level of living.

What to do with developmental issues - a Testimony

Her kids had such physical issues that she was told that they were never going to hold down a job, much less ride a bicycle. Working with the QLT, she changed everything.

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We host live presentations and interactive workshops each week where we cover big subjects that touch everyday life and empower attendees to start making shifts to wake up the power within them. Membership options start at just $44 a month. 

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We have an online university to equip moms, dads, teachers, coaches, and caretakers to read between the lines in kids’ speech and interpret the body signs and signals to see what’s really going on, and then compassionately walk them forward into a new level of success. It will also help you prepare them for greatness of all kinds – scholastic, athletic, business, family, leadership, creative, and more. When you’ve completed these courses, you’ll then be equipped to help other guardians and educators do the same. 

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