Alchemy of ease


Our Modality

Why are you here? Are you an individual looking to upgrade and transform your current state of being? Are you dealing with physical pain in your body, lack or issues in your finances, or possibly frustration in your close relationships?  Are you a truth-seeker in search of your next upgrade in consciousness and ease? 

Here at Encompass Life we are passionate about helping you shift and transform your burdens into the greatest blessings you could imagine.  Through the Alchemy of Ease system, we partner with you to discover how your belief systems, decrees and feelings have created your current trajectory in life and co-author a new one to bring you to a place of peace, courage trust, ease and LOVING your life! 

Alchemy of Ease is a deep application of the Law of Attraction, into the quantum physics of how you are operating and manifesting. An Encompass Life Coach assists you in illuminating your own path towards your next major upgrade. 

Speak your Truth, with this you become!

See how you can consciously author your life of greater enthusiasm, Ease, Love and courage. 

transformational tuesdays!

Join us for free, weekly 60 minute calls with our Encompass coaches and take hold of your transformational upgrades.  Transformational Tuesdays empower you to shift your life from surviving to THRIVING! Sign up now to save your spot!