What is it?
Body Electronics is a form of sustained acupressure developed by Dr. John Ray in the 1950’s. BE works on the body, mind, spiritual, and electrical field of the individual at the same time. 

Deep dive into truth

Body Electronics is the journey to uncover the truth that pre-exists within us. Whereas many disciplines require acquiring and applying new information and skills, in Body Electronics we are naturally coming to an embodiment of new heart centered, aligned realizations as a full feeling inner experience; a “knowing” that life can be more fun and easier than we have been convincing ourselves it must be. These realizations can only come through the process of inner work and not through mere intellectual leaps of understanding. 

What we manifest in our life is done so with our thoughts, words and feelings. It takes an incredible amount of energy for humans to exist at any level less than full enthusiasm. Body Electronics helps you turn any burdens into blessings and fully empower you in your life to clear away separation, pain, fear, grief, apathy, and numbness. In BE, our subconscious patterns are revealed and replaced with new consciously authored upgrades.


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What is covered during the 4.5 Day Workshop
       Your BE course consists of four separate types as described below.
       Each type of BE has its own unique area of upgrade.
       Combining all 4 types of BE produces remarkable life changes and upgrades.

Endocrine System
Our endocrine system produces hormones which regulate our bodies in a variety of ways.
  • Heart– Replace fear of abandonment and painful memories of love and experience trusting playful love.
  • Medulla– This the gateway from reptilian, reactive responses to creative higher brain function. It upgrades surviving into thriving.
  • Pineal– Produces the hormone which ignites imagination and enthusiasm. 
  • Pituitary– Produces the hormone which brings forth intuition. 
  • Thyroid– Brings forth personal authorship. 

Colon Electronics

This reboots us in trusting our gut and having us feel secure within ourselves.  Many of us may have had traumatic events in vitro and childhood.  These events produce a certain level of anxiety and reactiveness in a person. Colon BE produces a reset in our core essence as if we had experienced Love and security during this developmental stage of our lives.
Spinal Electronics
Our spine is all about support and communication with the rest of our body through our spinal cord.  When our spine is out of alignment, our body is fighting itself to get a communication through. Whatever is happening within us is also being experienced in our outer world.  As each person completes their spinal session, new confidence in feeling supported and communication with our world becomes available.
Cranial Electronics
This is the storehouse of our consciousness.  In cranial electronics, our skull is literally reshaped and expanded.  Average expansion of the skull is 1” from chin to top of skull and ½” from temple to temple.   This creates a heightened awareness and ease in our thought and creative processes.

“I’ve led or attended almost 30 Body Electronic Workshops in the last 7 years. I’ve witnessed virtually every attendee have something miraculous return in their life during each one of these events.”  – Mark Scherer

Is BE right for me at this time in my Life?

To produce the biggest shift in each person’s consciousness in the shortest amount of time, each attendee will be prepared through group and private coaching sessions before class and group coaching calls for three weeks after the class as well as nutritional and mineral preparation for the body. Encompass Life is committed to your embodying and applying Spiritual Laws from our class to ensure your personal success. If you see yourself as a spiritual warrior and are ready to take your game to another level, come join us.

What’s included in your investment?

  • One private 50 minute coaching session. 
  • One 100 minute group coaching call.  
  • All meals for the duration of the workshop.
  • Nutritional Supplement Package.
  • Two 50 minute after class group calls.  These once a week calls are designed for you to retain your upgrades from class and solidify upgrades into your daily life.
  • One 50 minute Group Eye Talk comparison call after class to zero in on your changes before and after Body Electronics.

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