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Here’s where the big ride starts and things start to get really, really interesting for you. From our Core class on up courage… is… required. 

Everyone in the class will be participating and going deep is compulsory. Along with a small group of others that will join you on this profound journey, you will face your stuff, your shadow, and the nagging issues and traumas that have been simmering for too long in your life and subconscious patterns that have been limiting and blocking you far beyond your awareness. 

What does this personal work have to do with empowering others? In our modality, the leader goes first. We model for our clients and communities, athletes and employees, our neighborhood and our family unit what it means to do the inner work, to get clean and mean, and to embody the love, life, light, and truth that we talk about. 

Awareness is only the beginning and healing is only part way. Living as a divine being, igniting others with love, and transforming trauma into triumph over and over and over again requires fortitude, resilience, and a huge commitment to yourself. Put away what you know. This work is for the humble and dedicated only.  

In addition to this group coaching experience, we also use various other tools to tap into your potential. Live lectures, special recordings, exercises with classmates, homeplay assignments, hosted practice labs, and one-on-one sessions with teachers are part of the panorama during this three month experience. It’s a semester of intense grad school that feeds your soul and, when applied with enthusiasm, will propel your ability to assist others to astoundingly new levels. 

Take your journey Superconscious

Would you like to talk to one of our Quantum Leap Specialists about their experience and learn more about the course? Book a free exploratory call.




We take the time and energy to venture to areas and spaces few are aware of and guide forth an inner standing of tools that can significantly shift one’s ability to lead, manage, and build a legend.

Course specifics:

  • Small group (roughly a dozen or two) participation based video calls, which include presentation, practice, coaching, and more.
  • Twenty-four, two-hour zoom calls are held over a twelve week period.
  • Six small group lab classes, two hours each.
  • Three private, one-on-one sessions.
  • Enzymes and minerals.
  • Homeplay solo exercises. 
  • Assignments and practice with fellow students.
  • Video and audio recordings.
  • Online community portal for connections, conversations, and ongoing reflections. 
  • Personalized support – our coaches are here throughout the entire journey to address whatever may come up. Sometimes challenges arise when doing deep work, and we will walk you through them night or day.

Investment: similar to a semester at a major university. Contact us for more information!

Group Field Trip

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